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2010-05-03 04:31:49 by DottedLine

After a long awaited handful of months I've finally come back to Newgrounds, I've been spending a lot of time on my Manga and have come back online to give you more reasons to live ^^. I will be sweeping up my profile from now on making sure everything is in the place it should be and posting up the art to date. It will take me a maximum of a week to get this LOOKING FORWARD to your feedback and most of all help thanks.

If you need anything ask, dedicated, committed, alive. <3 Mark~
6:31pm 3/05/2010

Hey Everyone ^ ^

2010-01-22 05:09:54 by DottedLine

Hey I just wanted to thank everyone who views my work I've just been frequently reading the FAQ's and rules of Newgrounds just to get how it works. I really just want to use this to get great feedback for my art. If you would like any advice or ask me something please just send me a message and I'll be sure to help you out ^ ^. I'm not on as much as others but I do come on to post new works and see your responses. Well hope to see everyone else's art and thx for viewing mine =].

Para's War Manga [Post Stop]

2010-01-07 17:12:58 by DottedLine

I've come on to let everyone who views my art on Newgrounds that there will be NO MORE Para's War Manga posts UNTIL the full Manga is completed every page has been checked out and worked out. Also for me to make sure it is a sound Manga ^.^. So I think if it isn't now already >.> my acc won't be getting as much activity as I've been giving it but every now and then I MIGHT let you know what I'm up to in the Manga page wise. Thanks for your support and I'm looking forward to your critique as soon as the Manga is completed and on the web ^ ^.

Page 5 Arrives!!!

2010-01-03 20:03:01 by DottedLine

I wanted to let others know page 5 will be available for viewing on the 05/01/09! Most likely late night >.>...hope it's a great view and I'm sorry I didn't get page 4 up yet I was kinda trialing myself so I'll do it as soon as this one is up thanks for the support and as always comment,rate,vote thanks ^ ^.

You can find me also...

2009-12-05 15:01:39 by DottedLine

I want to let you know you can also find me on:

DA - Accounts name is littlemarker
Tokyopop - EffortRequired

and that is all I will divulge...^^